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Millions of people co-own closely-held companies, family businesses, and business partnerships but establishing them and keeping them together can be difficult. The Bergey Group can help you fix your partnership using a well-established process known as the Partnership Charter. The Partnership Charter is also a great tool for starting out right with your new business partnership. It makes the job of being partners in any type of business, in any industry, a lot easier and more rewarding.

The Charter is a document that thoroughly addresses both the business and personal sides that exist in every closely held business. The Charter clearly outlines the goals, expectations, responsibilities, and relationships of the principals and helps them address such sensitive issues as personal styles and values, money, ownership, roles, governance and power. Potential sources of conflict are identified and suggested resolutions are discussed.

One client has said:

“We conquered issues that had been long-standing problems in a systematic manner, taking the fear out of candid discussions. We had a sense that fairness prevailed, and this encouraged us to take on consecutive units of the Charter with a feeling that we could accomplish whatever lay within.

The Partnership Charter process has left our partnership in a resoundingly stronger position. Our most valuable takeaway was facing our differences eye to eye and discovering they could be strengths.”

We work closely with the originator of the Partnership Charter process, the author Dr. David Gage, and his partner, Dr. Ed Kopf of BMC Associates. Together they co-wrote The Partnership Charter Workbook (all rights reserved by BMC Associates LLC), which we are authorized to use with our clients. The name of Dr. Gage’s highly acclaimed book is The Partnership Charter: How To Start Out Right with Your New Business Partnership (Or Fix the One You’re In).

Another client exclaimed:

“I can’t believe there aren’t more people doing this!  I was a year on the Internet searching for someone to help us, especially with the equity and profit piece.”

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