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Strategic Planning
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We are pleased to meet with our clients at your location or any one of our locations.

It is very easy for strategic planning to take a back seat to the daily "to-do" list—some call this the tyranny of the urgent. We'll help you make time for this crucial task. Your valuable time will be rewarded with these kinds of outcomes:

  • Discovering and documenting the long-term vision you as a business owner have for your business.
  • Competitive Analysis, examining your competitors and discovering your unique niche in the marketplace.
  • Examining core competencies and weaknesses within your organization, pinpointing ways to exploit competencies and minimize weaknesses.
  • Developing a three-year plan.
  • Getting it in writing: critical goals, action steps, lines of responsibility and timelines for making your critical goals happen.
  • Formulating a system to document processes and procedures for the company. 

Thinking through the big issues, then acting on them - it's a thing of beauty when it all comes together! We have a strong track record of helping business owners through the maze of questions and responsibilities and into a profitable, more manageable future.

Our strategic planning process is our most comprehensive consulting service. But choices are good. You can also opt for specific components of the process - you'll find these described in the rest of the "Services" section. 

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