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After good people and a clear strategic vision, technology is the next critical building block to creating an efficient and effective company.  

Today technology is imperative to doing business, and our technology consulting practice analyzes business processes and identifies and implements software solutions that best support those processes.

How do we do this?  By keeping the end in mind and working backwards towards the best solution.

Consider an engineering company or general contractor who may work on lump sum projects or time and materials projects.  QuickBooks is not necessarily the best way to capture your employees’ time, log expenses against one project over another and track subcontractor expenses.  There are better options out there that do this and also expedite invoicing, provide project by project profitability, and track employee utilization; all factors critical to creating a healthy and sustainable company.

Additionally, with the proliferation of smart phones, organizations often jump at the tremendous value obtained from using personal electronics in the workplace.  Remote payroll time entry, checking email, accessing project files in the field, and updating sales information from the road are some ways smart devices cut expenses and add value to organizations. However, prior to launching a Bring Your Own Device initiative, a proactive organization would consider its technology and social media policies, data security needs, data access permissions, and overall cost vs. benefits of such a program.  

The Bergey Group’s technology consultants excel at putting the power of technology to work for your company to efficiently and effectively encourage business growth.  A few of the areas where we can help you are:

  • Project Profitability Tracking
  • Customer and Sales Management Systems
  • Cloud Data Storage Implementation
  • Geocentric Target Customer Analysis
  • Bring Your Own Device Policies
  • Remote Time Keeping Systems
  • Technology Policy Development

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